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Blue Collar Dirty Hands, Clean Money Tumbler | Rusty Tradesman

Blue Collar Dirty Hands, Clean Money Tumbler | Rusty Tradesman

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Blue Collar, Dirty Hands Clean Money Tumbler  -

a tribute to the grit, humor, and authenticity that defines the blue-collar spirit. Our uniquely crafted tumbler features a design that boldly declares, "Blue Collar, Dirty Hands Clean Money" on the front. This isn't just a cup; it's a statement piece for those who thrive on hard work and rugged blue collar trades.

Design Features:
The front showcases the fearless proclamation against a backdrop of the rugged American flag, accented with the iconic Rusty Tradesman. This design embodies the resilience and toughness of those who tackle each day with unwavering determination. BPA FREE

Tumbler Construction:
Stainless Polar Camel double wall, vacuum insulated with clear, slider lid. This 20oz tumbler ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature for longer periods. The built-in handle adds a touch of convenience, making it the ideal companion for both the workshop and everyday life.

Own your piece of blue-collar authenticity with the 20oz Polar Camel Tumbler. Order now and let your drinkware reflect the resilience, humor, and genuine spirit of the trades!

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